Mission and Vision


First successful projects, then lasting relationships!

As it has been in the past 40 years, Mimsa believe in providing competitive prices without compromising their principles of quality. We have managed to create lasting relationships based on honesty and cooperation while adding new customers each year.


Nothing is more important for us than Customer satisfaction!

Mimsa prioritizes customer satisfaction in the services they provide, and strives to understand the customers’ requests thoroughly in order to fulfil their needs and expectations. According to Mimsa Aluminium, every single customer should always be provided with the quality and services above expectations.

Every single completed project is the beginning of a lasting relationship for us.

Mimsa executes every project with experience and knowledge, while continuously improving itself and its high-quality production. Therefore, Mimsa never regards a project as a completed business. Every single project is a successful representation of lasting relationships. Thus, Mimsa pay great attention to post-sale support and keep on supplying uninterrupted support to their customers after completion.

It is very important for us that every single project we execute creates value to our workers, community and environment!

Aiming to create value for the community, environment and humankind in each project. Mimsa perceive that the occupational training of its employees and the new entrants to the workforce gets these individuals well equipped for the industry and community, and so does whatever needed without second thoughts.